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About Us
Anand Industries had Inception in the year 2002, and from then onwards struggled towards achievement for excellence for quality and service in the field of instrumentation and process automation.

Anand Industries stands apart from other instrument manufacturers by providing the highest level of expertise to its customers.

We utilize leading-edge state-of-the art technology to continuously improve our products and make them easier to use. Minimum inventory, least maintenance and fail safe operation of the instruments are the essence of our product.

We manufacture industry-preferred product for every market we serve. We do this through total quality
commitment, by completely fulfilling our customers’ expectations. Each Pressure Gauge is quality checked, tested and calibrated at well equipped in-house quality control laboratory and supplied with relevant quality and test certificates.

Core Industries have highest level of acceptance as well as dependence on our expertise in our precision Engineering in Temperature Metre, Level Metre, Flow Metre, Digital Process Control, Hummidity & Moisture Metre,  Pneumatic Control  Valves &  Other Products.

All are backed up by our super  advanced and precision Research & Development ( R & D ) Team.

Our technique and concept is unique, unparallel and incomparable. It has been observed that maintenance engineer in the Industries have high opinion of this concept because of trouble free & fail safe operation.

With our glorious service and oath, we are having steady growth and progress in our field of industry since our journey started way back in the year 2002.

To add feather in our cap. We’ve come up with state-of the art Eco friendly instrumentation, highly praised and accepted across the board in the niche industries.

This in course helped spreading of environment and Eco-friendly green energy which is the requirement of the day across the globe..

We give tremendous stress on Execution Of social responsibility with our united Team Work for constant overall upliftment and latest updates in all our effort for constant development.

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